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Social Media for my Business…Really?

To be quite honest, I don’t necessarily enjoy the social networking space. It can be time consuming, there’s too many to count, I already have my personal facebook and twitter, so why would I need one for my business? Here’s a few reasons why you need social media for your company.

They’re Viral
What does this mean? It means that the information you share on your social media accounts spreads like a virus and fast. Social media are networking sites, which means you have friends, colleagues and lot of the time people you have never met you either follow you, are updated when you post something new or can freely read your information. So when you share a piece of information such as a special offer, you may only need to share it to a few people and in turn they share it with their network, and they share it with theirs etc…

A great way to increase your ranking in the search engines is back linking. That means links that are linking back to your own website. The search engines (Google) look at back links as a sign of legitimacy. If there are a handful of links in the world wide web that are linking back to your website then you must be a viable company and we’ll send traffic to you – that’s what the search engines think.

Stay Updated
Social media sites are also a great way to keep your potential clients informed about your company, recent news, new work you’ve done etc… What people like to see is a website that has fresh content. When you have content that is constantly updated, people tend to want to come back more and more to see what’s new. Nowadays, you can connect your business blog to your social media accounts so that they update automatically whenever you post a blog. The benefit of this is that you only had to write one single blog and it was posted on your 15 social accounts and within 24 hours 500 people have seen it…

Having the right social media accounts connected to your business can be a very beneficial aspect in your online presence. Contact us today and allow us to set up a social media and SEO package for your existing website or along with your new one.

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