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The Call To Action : What it is and why you need it.

Every business website needs to have a goal(s). If you offer a service, your goal may be for 20 more people a month to contact you. If selling products, maybe you’d like to increase sales by 10k this month. One of the main ways we help to reach those goals for individual businesses is the strategic location of the main call to action.

What is the “Call To Action”? In most cases its an area that calls a lot of attention and this area has a button. This button calls the potential client to act, and that act is what gives you more business. For example : look at the image above. It’s obvious which location of the website calls for most of your attention – the bright red box. If I offered a service, which I do, in this location which calls most of your attention I would want to put either a phone number I can be contacted at or a button which takes the potential client to a contact page or request an estimate page where I get at the very least a lead which I can follow up with and hopefully convert a sale.

Every business is different and has different goals which translate into different calls to action when it comes to your business website. We work tirelessly to find out what your core business goals are and translate those goals into a strategic layout that will help you get the most conversions you can from your website.

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