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SEO : What Is It And How Can It Help You?

Simply put,Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what brings people to your website. This is the traffic generator. But it’s organic, meaning there was no ads that were clicked that brought them to your site, they searched and they found.

In my humble opinion, SEO is the single most important aspect when starting a website for your business that’s going to be online for a while. The reason I say that is because without traffic, or potential clients or buyers coming to your website, what does it matter if you have the prettiest website that ever existed? The answer – it wouldn’t matter. Here’s how the process works :

1.) We strategically design a website so that when a person comes to your website, they do what we would like them do to, whether that be call you, fill out a form, or click a special offer. We use visual ques, and special locations for the “calls to action” within a layout of a website so that we give you, the business the best chance of converting a site visitor into a sale, or whatever goal we’re tying to hit.

2.) We build the site so that it’s fast and user friendly. No one wants to come to a website that they have to wait for. We adhere to web standards and build a website so that when a button is clicked something happens now – which also increases your chances at a conversion.

3.) We optimize the site so that actual real live people come to your site and give you business – the whole reason you hired us. This is SEO. Bringing people who haven’t heard of you, who are searching for related keywords in your industry to your website to give you business. This broadens your market to not only friends and family but to the general public – cool huh? How do we do this you ask? There’s a lot of different aspects the work together to ensure that a website is optimized, and without giving away our methods here for everyone to see, you can contact us and we’d be happy to sit down and explain how we do this over a cup of coffee.

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One Response to “SEO : What Is It And How Can It Help You?”

  1. Hi there,
    I know your website is important to you, and I was wondering if I could go over a few things. I work for a marketing company, and wanted to show some businesses, visually, how they compare to the websites on the first page — Truly understand why your competition outranks you on the Search Engines.

    We have been doing this for years and are great at what we do. We have an extremely knowledgeable staff that sincerely analyze your site; showing you exactly how to increase your rankings.

    I need the best way to reach you and any comments you want me to consider before

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