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Designing for Montana Businesses

Business in Montana is unique. From a small town cattle operation, to a modern main street agency, every business in Montana has different clients, meaning each business needs to have different goals when it comes to meeting those clients needs. Whether re-designing a brand, or starting a new website, this is where we begin; with you – the client.

Does your Montana business have a website? If so why? How is this website helping you get more business? How many visitors do you have per month? Out of those new visitors how many of them call you and request your service, hire you or purchase your products? When they come to your site, what are their click patterns? What page do they visit the most? What is it on your website that is important to them?

Those are just a handful of questions that you should ask yourself in regards to your existing website, and those are just a few of the questions we’ll ask you before starting your new one. Why? Because just having a website simply is not enough.

In the past few years, getting a website up and running for your business was a big deal (and it still is). Companies would hear about the latest do-it-yourself website builder and get to work designing their new site the best they knew how – and knowing that they needed a website and hurrying and getting an online presence was a good thing, but… now what? Why am I not getting any business from my new website? I thought a website; no matter how it looks or what content is on there was all I needed to jump start my company into an increased bottom line with more clients? – Sound familiar? These are the kinds of questions I’ve gotten in the past few years that I intend on answering in this article.

In the excitement of getting a website built for the company, many business owners forget to ask vital questions before they get started, which is why they’re left wondering why their “website doesn’t work”. Below are some questions I want to ask you and I’ll let you know why I ask them :

1.) What is the main goal of this website?
– This is an important question, and oddly enough many people don’t even think about it prior to starting a website. Why are you paying me your hard earned money to design, build and market your website and company online? Is it to get more traffic? Increase sales by 10%? Get more 20 more clients per month? In answering this question, try to be as specific as possible. Example : Increase my conversion rate by 10%, or increase site visitors by 250.

2.) List secondary Goals.
– Yes, it’s also important to list secondary goals that you’d like your new website to reach. This way we have not only the main goal, but secondary goals in mind so we can design the website to give priority to each.

3.) What message are you trying to convey to potential clients?
– How to you want your potential clients to view you? Cheap? Trustworthy? High End? etc… The design of the website directly relates to how people feel when they first visit your website, so understanding how you’d like to be perceived is important.

4.) How are you different from your competition and what are the factors that will make you a success?
– It’s important to know your competition so we can learn what you like about them and also what you’d like to DO BETTER then them. In answering this question, I always ask to list your top three competitors.

5.) List some of your favorite websites and projects like this one.
– I want to know what you like. This way I can use your personal style combined with a strategic layout, which communicates who you are as a company and points potential clients in the right direction – which in the end meets the goals we set in question one.

These are only a few of the questions we typically ask our clients, but are great ones to think about when starting a new website. If you’d like to Request a Consultation and get a bit more serious about helping your company with a website done right, we’d love to sit down with you and answer any questions you may have:)

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