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Sometimes great photography is all we need to communicate a message. Having an in house photographer is vital in getting the right imagery for specific projects. From online uses to privately commissioned work our photographer (Lance Sorensen) makes our job easy.

One thing that can really hinder a project is not having the right photography. When designing a website, print media, or advertisement photography plays a vital role. When moving around fonts, design elements and messaging it’s very important to have an image that will allow you to re-arrange these things without covering up the part of the image you want the potential client to see. That’s why having an in house photographer is so important for us as well as you, the client. This way we can ask Lance to take the appropriate photos for specific projects, which saves us time from having to search through thousands of stock photos and locate the right images for you and your products.

Of course stock photography can be used in a lot of situations and the type of photography is typically determined by your preference, our suggestions and the project budget.

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