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Web Design

Double Spurs delivers custom web sites that combine great design and ease-of-use updating. Whether it’s a brand new web site or re-design that needs some updating we’re here to provide the best solution for your individual business based on your individual needs.

Our Process : Strategic Design

Every client has different goals when it comes to design which is why we have a three step process when designing your website. We don’t just design your website and make it look pretty, but design with a purpose and strategy to give you the best value from your online presence.

The Grid
During this process we identify different areas of the website layout with goal in mind of making the main “Call to Action” the most visible area on the layout. Using squares and rectangles with only shades of gray we will layout several versions of the grid until we finalize one that best suits the objectives and goals of the site. During the grid phase we will locate the specific areas for the logo, navigation, and all features that will be on the website.

The Wire frame
The wire frame is the grid taken to the next level. We’ll incorporate some style, fonts and begin to space things out during this process. Still only using shades of grey we can identify areas on the new layout that need the most attention. We’ll identify the main objectives, secondary and tertiary objectives on the wire frame.

The Design
After the grid and wire frame have been approved we’ll begin to apply style. During the design phase we’ll finalize color, typography (fonts), design elements and spacing. We’ll work very closely with the client on the design and go through as many rounds as the budget allows until we have a design that you the client love. Multiple concepts will be provided to give the client an idea of different styles until we identify the best direction to take.

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