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Designing for Montana Businesses

Business in Montana is unique. From a small town cattle operation, to a modern main street agency, every business in Montana has different clients, meaning each business needs to have different goals when it comes to meeting those clients needs. Whether re-designing a brand, or starting a new website, this is where we begin; with you – the client. Read More

SEO : What Is It And How Can It Help You?

Simply put,Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what brings people to your website. This is the traffic generator. But it’s organic, meaning there was no ads that were clicked that brought them to your site, they searched and they found. Read More

The Call To Action : What it is and why you need it.

Every business website needs to have a goal(s). If you offer a service, your goal may be for 20 more people a month to contact you. If selling products, maybe you’d like to increase sales by 10k this month. One of the main ways we help to reach those goals for individual businesses is the strategic location of the main call to action. Read More

Social Media for my Business…Really?

To be quite honest, I don’t necessarily enjoy the social networking space. It can be time consuming, there’s too many to count, I already have my personal facebook and twitter, so why would I need one for my business? Here’s a few reasons why you need social media for your company. Read More

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